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I met Dr. Moore a few years ago after getting a referral by my doctor in Markham.

After giving birth to my first child, I began to develop great pain in my ankles. I went to chiropractors, chiropodists and even a surgeon as I searched for the answer to my ankle problems.

Over the years, I was put into a cast for 6 months, then into physiotherapy afterward to help regain strength into my ankles. The surgeon wanted to operate. No doctor or surgeon was able to properly diagnose me.

I was very frustrated and fell into a depression as I felt hopeless as I could not care properly for my children due to the intense pain in my ankles.

When I met Dr. Moore and had my first consultation, I felt relieved to find a doctor that would genuinely give me the time to discuss my situation and actually listen with sympathy. I felt like I was speaking to a best friend.

He assessed my situation in such a professional manner and I was in shock to discover that he did some research on his own time to find out that I had a forefoot and rearfoot varus deformity. He looked at my orthotics I had worn for many years and realized I had the wrong orthotics for the foot problem I had.

Have you ever had a doctor that goes above and beyond the call of duty? Peter, I am so grateful for this. He made copies of the information he found so that I could read up on it at home. I was so excited when he told me his plan of action. I went into his office one day barely walking and left his office walking!

Now, when I am talking to friends or anyone I meet that has any pain in their bodies, I suggest that they don’t waste their time finding a chiropractor. I immediately give them Dr. Moore’s phone number.

Dr. Moore has a top notch and professional approach for his patients and he becomes a true friend in place of just a doctor who rushes you into his office and rushes you out. His goal for his patients is to get them healed as quickly as possible! Peter and his office staff are simply the best!!

Gina S.

I am pleased to lend my voice to the other satisfied patients of Dr. Moore.

I met Dr. Moore years ago, when he first opened his practice. I am of an age when things tend to get out of whack occasionally. Dr. Moore has always been able to assess my problem and employ treatments that give some immediate pain relief while offering a long-term solution to the problem.

He listens patiently as I describe, with actions and sound effects, what my problem feels like. I never feel rushed when I am in his office. Dr. Moore is always investigating new therapies to offer his patients the most up to date treatment options.

People seem to fear that once they seek chiropractic care they will be under the care of that chiropractor on a monthly basis, forever. That has not been my experience with Dr. Moore. His treatments are timely and he usually suggests exercises that can be done at home for further improvement.

The overall experience at Moore Chiropractic Clinic is an enjoyable one. The staff is very accommodating and friendly. It is a pleasure to go to an establishment where the rapport among the staff and patient is so pleasant. It feels more like visiting friends than seeking the care of a doctor.

Thank you Dr. Moore for all that you do for us.

Kristina M.

I must admit that I was rather apprehensive starting up with a new doctor. I was under the care of another chiropractor for six months and did not achieve the success I was so desperately hoping for in correcting my meralgia parasthethica condition(a very painful, burning sensation in the outer thigh).

I was very surprised to experience the benefits of a treatment plan that Dr. Moore quickly implemented following my consultation appointment. I gained immediate and rapid results within the first month!

I was committed to improving my lifestyle and returning to the levels of activity and the fitness regime I had always enjoyed and been accustomed to, prior to my injury.

Dr. Moore had asked me to remain patient with my progress and with proper care and the stretching techniques applied, as well as those that were instructed for me to practice at home, I would achieve the results I was hoping for.

Today, I am pain free and enjoying the enormous benefits of Dr. Moore’s care. I have never felt better! My sleep habits are no longer compromised because of burning pain, numbing and tingling sensations.

As you know, Peter, I highly recommend you to anyone experiencing discomfort or lacking confidence in their current treatment provider. I don’t get to see you as often as I used to but please know that I am forever grateful that you came into my world and feel very privileged to have been under your brilliant care. Your professionalism, discipline, and never-ending support and enthusiasm are unmatched.

Linda S.

I’ve suffered for years with Chronic Back Pain. Part was caused from a knee injury I sustained while playing hockey. This affected the way I walked and therefore caused problems with my back.

There were many days that I was completely incapacitated with the pain. I was fortunate enough to be referred to Dr. Pete Moore. Pete worked on the problem and also gave me a program that I could work on at home.

I can say now that I am basically free of the back pain unless I fall off the program that Pete developed. Happily I can now play a round of golf and still feel good at the end.

I recently suffered another accident due to health problems and fell and broke my hip and further damaged my bad knee (which had just recently been replaced). This accident took place while I was in Florida on a business trip.

One of the first people that my wife contacted was Pete. He was able to give her the support and advise that she needed. This was appreciated as we were away from home and it was helpful that she had someone she knew and trusted.

When we returned to Toronto Pete worked with me again, and again helped me get back to my normal routine. Fortunately Pete had just completed his certification in Trigenics which alleviated the severe pain. I went into his office and was barely able to walk, when I left the pain was minimal and I was walking with ease.

This past year has been a difficult one for our family and due to unfortunate accidents Pete has treated my wife, mother, brother and niece. This was all done with the same care and concern that Pete has treated me with over the years.

To say that I rely on Pete and trust him totally does not seem to give the credit that he is so deserving of. I have never met anyone who works harder at his profession. He is constantly exploring new procedures to benefit his patients.

His concern does not stop at the treatment of his patients but at the cure. Pete goes above and beyond the call of duty.

I am also proud to say that over the years we have developed a friendship with Pete and Jessica. They treat their friendship the same as they do their business, with trust, dedication and concern.

With Pete’s help I am looking forward to being totally pain free and I am hopeful that one day as I continue to improve that I may be able to score better than Pete in golf. Keep up the good work Pete but keep in mind it may cost you money one day on the golf course.


Your friend (& patient)

Ronald B.

Our family of five have been in Pete’s care for 15 years and trust him with our care implicitly. He has prescribed orthotics that eliminated foot pain for three members of our family, got my husband back in his skates for hockey after countless sprains and tears, cured an excruciating leg spasm in time for me to go on a canoeing vacation, solved the mystery of my daughter’s ear ache (caused by whiplash in a car accident), and set my son on the road back to the mountains after breaking his femur in a skiing accident.

Most importantly for me, however, has been his continuing care for my arthritic hip. He kept me mobile and active for years, and was the first to recognize that I would need surgery after reading the x-rays prescribed by my GP. No wonder I was back for therapy as soon as possible after my hip replacement surgery in October!

Pete is always reading, learning and studying to upgrade his skills, technique and knowledge, but he never hesitates to send us to a medical doctor when he knows the problem is outside his area of expertise.

A visit to his office or an appointment with any of his associates is always a good experience. The receptionist, and the other chiropractor and massage therapists are all professional, prompt and effective, as well as pleasant and friendly. Pete never talks down, but takes the time to listen and to explain, as well as giving follow-up home exercises.

Not sure where I’d be without Pete’s help over the years, but I am positive I wouldn’t be hiking and eagerly awaiting the snow so I can get back on my x-country skis!

Mary D.

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