At Moore Chiropractic, our highly specialized team provides a variety of treatments for a range of needs.


2019 Chiropractic Fees

2019 Massage Therapy Fees

Service Adult Student
30 Minute Massage$55.00$45.00
45 Minute Massage$72.00$62.00
60 Minute Massage$90.00$80.00
75 Minute Massage$115.00$110.00
90 Minute Massage$131.00$121.00
45 Minute Massage and Shockwave$115.00$115.00
60 Minute Massage and Shockwave$131.00$131.00
45 Minute Massage and Acupuncture$120.00$120.00

Stand Alone Modalities

Service Adult Senior (>65yr) Youth
Laser, Ultrasound, IFC$47.00$40.00$40.00
Shockwave Therapy$100.00$86.00$82.00

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